How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized during the Winter

It has officially started getting colder, and as we gear up for winter, we’re thinking about one thing, and one thing only: how to keep our skin moisturized during the harsh winter months to come.

Cold weather can be particularly hard on skin, as there is very little humidity in the air to provide natural moisture. That’s why you’re more likely to get red, chapped lips and dry, cracking knuckles in the winter than any other time of year: the cold weather does more than sap the energy out of you, it also saps the moisture!

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Wearing gloves every time you’re out in the cold can help your hands from becoming dry and cracked.

In order to keep you skin smooth until spring, you should first make sure you’re protecting it from the cold as much as possible: always wear gloves, a scarf and a hat when braving the outdoors, and cover as much skin as you can. (Lips are often the part of the body that escapes cover: be sure to use lots of moisturizing chapstick to compensate!) As well, choose softer materials that are less likely to irritate your skin, such as cotton.

Next, be sure to hydrate — not only yourself, but also your surroundings! By using a home humidifier, you will introduce moisture back into the air of your home that has most likely been sucked out by your heating system. Moist air will do wonders for your skin and help counteract the dryness from outside. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself — drinking 8 glasses of water a day will help maintain an internal moisture balance that will positively affect your skin. If you’re too cold for a glass of cold water, try some warm water with lemon; it will taste similar to tea but with the positive benefits of water.

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Make sure to apply chapstick regularly in the winter to prevent dry, chapped lips.

Finally, do not neglect your moisturizing routine — especially when you need it the most! Be sure to moisturize after a bath or a shower and before you go to bed for optimal results. If you’re normally wary of oil-based moisturizers, winter is the time to rid yourself of that opinion: the oil will help your skin retain more of the moisture, meaning it will have a longer and deeper effect than water-based moisturizers. Be sure to pay extra attention to the areas of the body that get super dry: your hands, elbows and feet. Finally, make sure to still use a moisturizer with a good level of SPF: just because you can’t feel the winter sun, doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t!

With any luck, your skin will stay moisturized all through the winter months, so it will glow along with the sunshine come spring. For more information or personalized skincare advice, be sure to contact us today at (716) 631-8500 or

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