At the Center for Plastic Surgery, we're incredibly picky about the skin care lines and products we carry. Our reputation for excellence has come from years of putting our patients and clients first and offering only the best in everything from our most complex surgical procedure to our selection of anti-aging skin care products. We're always in search of the highest-rated skin care lines backed by the newest and most trusted science. Known for their innovative approach to skin health research and the recipient of such high-profile awards as the InStyle Magazine Best Beauty Buys of 2011, SkinCeuticals is a natural fit for the Center for Plastic Surgery.

What is SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals is a comprehensive and customizable skin care line that's backed by science; created, tested and perfected in some of the top research facilities and medical institutions in the United States. SkinCeuticals' products have been featured in such magazines as Marie Claire, Elle, Women's Health, Oprah Magazine, and on the Dr. Oz Show. With its three-pronged approach to skin care – prevent, protect, and correct – as well as its specific formulas for problematic, oily, dry, sensitive, combination or normal skin types, SkinCeuticals has a solution for everyone.

What makes SkinCeuticals different from other skin care lines?

Simply put, it's the science. The SkinCeuticals research team is so proactive and industry-leading that it has been awarded numerous federal and state grants for developing skin care innovations and technologies. SkinCeuticals also funds clinical trials at major medical institutions, like Duke University Medical Center and the National Institute of Health, and the studies performed on their flagship products are peer reviewed. This commitment to research has earned SkinCeuticals a reputation as one of the most innovative organizations in the skin care industry and has enabled them to use pharmaceutical grade active ingredients to help achieve the best possible results.

What kind of anti-aging products does SkinCeuticals offer?

In addition to their cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, SkinCeuticals takes a full-spectrum approach to anti-aging, offering complete lines of both preventative and corrective anti-aging solutions. But as committed as SkinCeuticals is to preventing signs of aging, they're even more committed to preventing skin cancer. They offer an array of sunscreens ranging from SPF 20 to SPF 50 in a variety of formulas to suit all skin types, including delicate sunscreens for sensitive skin, moisturizing sunscreens for dry skin, water and sweat-resistant sunscreens, even tinted sunscreens. The broad-spectrum, UVA/UVB protection provided by SkinCeuticals sunscreens work in conjunction with the award-winning SkinCeuticals antioxidants line to block the damaging free radicals from UV exposure to prevent the visible signs of photo-aging and promote optimal skin health.

For those beautiful faces that are a little further along in the aging process, while we hope you're still using the sunscreen and antioxidant products to protect yourself from sun damage and to minimize your skin cancer risk, SkinCeuticals also has solutions designed to undo the visible signs of aging. SkinCeuticals' creams, serums, and masques have been specially formulated to lighten age spots, regulate pigment, improve skin's texture, restore elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight acne, resurface, and replenish. The SkinCeuticals corrective line also offers specialized solutions for the lip and eye areas, as well as Retinol night creams.

How do I know if SkinCeuticals is right for me?

That's where we come in at the Center for Plastic Surgery. SkinCeuticals is one of the widest, most comprehensive skin care lines we offer, and while we're confident our MediSpa staff can find the perfect SkinCeuticals products for your specific, individualized needs, we do offer other elite skin care lines. A consultation or quick Q&A with our staff will get you set up with the skin care routine that will maximize your health and keep you looking and feeling young and fresh.

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