What is ELASTILash?

Elastilash is an eyelash solution designed to give you thicker, fuller, and stronger lashes with regular use.

How does ELASTILash work?

Elastilash is made with a patented peptide complex. It works by penetrating the hair follicles at the base of your eyelashes to stimulate growth and strengthen eyelashes.

How long will ELASTILash take to work?

Seven out of ten users report the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes in four-to-six weeks.

How is ELASTILash different from other lash products like Latisse?

The main characteristic that sets Elastilash apart is that it is entirely safe for people with light eyes and light skin because it will not change the color of your irises or eyelids. Also, Elastilash has a reusable applicator wand.

How is ELASTILash used?

For best results, wash hands and apply a full brush stroke along the entire upper eyelashes at night just before going to bed. Make sure there is plenty of solution on the brush, and avoid getting it on your skin.

Is ELASTILash safe for people with sensitive eyes, or contact lens-wearers?

Yes. ELASTILash is non-allergenic as well as non-irritating for contact lens-wearers. It is also dermatologist and ophthalmologist-approved.

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